Resistance Interval Training

Customize a resistance interval training program

Do you have a hard time including exercise in your busy schedule? If your work, home and social lives don’t leave much room for exercise, reach out Marla to begin your resistance interval training.

Get a full-body workout – call 520-548-9639 now to learn more about our resistance interval training programs.

Learn the basics of Resistance Interval training

Here’s what you need to know about our high resistance interval training programs:

  • What are Interval workouts? Alternate between short intervals of intense exercise and low-intensity recovery periods.
  • How do they work? Collaborate with Marla to develop an individualized program paired with the perfect motivation playlist.
  • Why choose resistance interval training? Get the most health benefits out of a shorter workout with this training method.

Each song on your playlist can help you work out a specific part of your body so by the time you finish, you’ve gotten a full-body workout.

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