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Achieve your goals with Marla, our personal fitness trainer in Tucson, AZ

Do you dread going to the gym? Do you dread exercise? Would you rather clean toilets than exercise? At My Mobile Fitness, we understand that different people need different workout plans. That's why My Mobile Fitness offers fun yet effective fitness programs that are designed for all people of all ages and all fitness levels and goals.
With over 18 years as an ACE (American Council on Exercise" certified personal trainer and 14 years as a gym owner, Marla has helped her clients lose weight, build muscle and strengthen bones while helping them achieve their fitness goals. She has given them why they need to make fitness a lifelong habit.

Use music as your motivator

At My Mobile Fitness, we believe music makes working out more fun for everyone. That's why all of our classes are accompanied by music to get you up and moving.
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Crank up your speakers and have fun working out - contact our personal fitness trainer today to learn more about our online weight loss programs in Tucson, AZ.

Why do we focus on interval workouts?

Interval workouts have many unique advantages. For example, athletes that use interval workouts have been shown to:

Improve their endurance, decrease their body fat and strengthen their hearts
Enjoy exercising more than people who do longer, low-intensity workouts
Continue burning calories after the workout for better results

Start taking advantage of this time-efficient workout
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